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Projects in the works...

Sam & Sam

An edutainment series for toddlers and young adults. Sam and Sam follows the life of three good friends as they navigate this complex yet very interesting world of ours. Going wherever their curiosity takes them.

the gang-samandsam.jpg

Police and Thief

A series of animated shorts based on a popular game played by children in Nigeria. The Police & Thief game was lit. Children would pick the side they were on either Police or Thief, then a chase would ensue. We decided to take the idea of the game and amplify it.


The Horse Whisperer

We decided to put a spin on the story about the life and times of Usman Dan Fodio. A famous figure of the Sokoto Caliphate. Usman was a Fulani scholar, Sunni Islamic religious teacher, revolutionary, and philosopher who founded the Sokoto Caliphate and ruled as its first caliph.


Orisha-The Pantheon Dawn

A series about a time when the gods were not as silent as they seem to have become. A time when gods and humans engaged with each other, sharing knowledge, powers and more...

Orisha 2 benin.jpg

Heavens Might

This story follows the life of a young minister and the challenges he faces delivering Gods' people from the hands of their many oppressors i.e principalities and powers in high places...


Tonda Dota

A girl finds out she's a descendant of the popular deity, Sango and this awakening leads her to uncover powers,manifestations and challenges she did not bargain for...

tonda dota final.jpg
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